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Exquisite Jewelry inspired by the Sun and the Sea!

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About Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht®, from the Original Designer of Lunch at The Ritz™

About Ritzy Couture

From the original designer of Lunch at the Ritz, Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht is a continuation of the artist’s vision to create jewelry that blurred the line between playfulness and luxury. 

Fun. fashionable, and easily spotted in a sea of people, these pieces are in line with Esme’s design principle of not taking himself too seriously. This was the message that the artist has been conveying in his designs since he first started making jewelry, the idea that you could be fashionable without needing to wear what everyone else was wearing.

A unique combination of style, wit, and humor go into creating each and every one of these wearable vignettes. You know the saying “go big or go home”? Well all it takes is one look at the Ritzy Couture catalog to know which one we chose! 

Ritzy Couture jewelry is oversized by design, un-apologetically vibrant, and guaranteed to make you feel truly one of a kind. These pieces are handmade from design to production. Everything from the beautiful colors to the unique iconography, to the precise metalwork is all done by hand. You’ll find crystals, rhinestones, and semiprecious beads embellishing each piece with that look you only find at the Ritz.

Our jewelry is designed to make you smile, to start conversations, to turn heads, and most importantly, to express true individuality. 

Whether worn by itself, as sets, or mixed and matched, Ritzy Couture makes a unique impact, as unique as the women who choose to own it. So what are you waiting for? Find the one that’s right for you.

Be Well and Much Love,


Classy . Sassy . Ritzy

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