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Lunch at The Ritz Bulldog Dog Lover Pin and Pendant Jewelry – 22k Gold Plating

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Lunch at The Ritz™ Bulldog Dog Lover Pin and Pendant – 22k Gold Plating Handcrafted Designer Jewelry

Unleash your love for canines with the Bulldog Dog Lover Pin and Pendant from Lunch at The Ritz™. This whimsical piece captures the playful essence of your favorite four-legged friend in an exquisite, multifunctional accessory.

  • Dimensional Detail: Measuring approximately 2.75" long by 2.75" wide, this pin and pendant makes a bold statement without being overwhelming, ideal for both dog-themed events and daily wear.
  • Noticeable Craftsmanship: Every inch of this piece is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing a bulldog's delightful demeanor in a colorful and animated design.
  • Comfortable Weight: Weighing approximately 20 grams, this pin and pendant offer a substantial feel that speaks to its quality, yet is light enough for comfort.
  • Versatile Functionality: Designed to be worn as both a pin and a pendant, this piece provides flexible styling options for any dog lover's wardrobe.
  • 22k Gold Plated Accents: Embellished with gleaming 22k gold plated elements, the Bulldog Dog Lover accessory brings a touch of luxury to your jewelry collection.

Why Lunch at The Ritz™? Lunch at The Ritz™ is the epitome of unique and creative jewelry, perfect for expressing individuality. This Bulldog Dog Lover Pin and Pendant is no exception, reflecting Esme Hecht’s legacy of whimsical and quality-driven designs. It’s a playful tribute to man's best friend, infused with the luxury and originality that the brand is renowned for.

Adorn your outfit with this adorable bulldog pin and pendant, and carry the spirit of your furry friend wherever you go.