About Lunch at The Ritz™

If you adore wearing jewelry and fashion accessories that are the perfect combination of fun and elegance, you will love our Lunch at The Ritz™ Jewelry Collection. Many of you know our celebrated designer, Esme Hecht, as the original designer of Lunch at The Ritz. In 2012, it was with a heavy heart that he left Lunch at The Ritz to start his new life and new line, Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht®.

At Ritzy Couture, we are proud to bring you the most vibrant, unique, and irresistible collection of designer fashion jewelry that is charming and lovable. We are thrilled to expand our Ritzy line by offering Esme’s personal Lunch at The Ritz Collection here where Lunch Lovers and Ritzy Friends can unite as one. Esme’s Lunch at The Ritz jewelry is more like a family album to him, as each piece carries many fond memories that are near and dear to his heart. By selling his personal collection of stylish earrings, lighthearted brooches and pendants, and enchanting toggle bracelets, Esme hopes each unique piece brings you as much joy and pleasure as he felt while designing them.

From cheerful wild west-themed earrings to stunning opal and emerald toggle bracelets that feature vivacious colors, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect jewelry piece in our Lunch at The Ritz Collection to accentuate any chic outfit. Each peculiar jewelry piece in this line is brought to you exclusively through Esme’s personal vault. As with our Christmas-Themed Jewelry Collection, our Cats Collection, and all of our jewelry lines, Esme continues to design each and every Ritzy Couture piece with love and precision right here in the USA. For those of you who prefer to live on the wild side, be sure to view our Tabra Jewelry Collection for an incredible selection of women’s jewelry inspired by and created for the women of the world.