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Tabra Jewelry 925 Sterling & Bronze Jaguar Onyx Cuff Bracelet Large Vault OOK181

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Color: Silver

Mystical Jaguar Onyx Cuff by Tabra Tunoa: Unleash Your Inner Feline Grace

In the Tabra Tunoa's Jaguar Onyx Cuff, the spirit of the wild is harnessed into an exquisite accessory, presented by Esme Hecht's Ritzy Couture. This sterling silver and bronze cuff encapsulates the allure of the jungle, ready to adorn the modern woman with a touch of mystery.

  • Exact Dimensions for Perfect Fit: With a height of 1.75" and a width of 2.5", this Medium-sized cuff has an inside diameter of 2.5" and fits a wrist size of approximately 7.25". Weighing 67 grams, its presence is felt without being overbearing.
  • Authentic Balinese Handcraft: This piece is not just made; it is brought to life by the hands of Balinese artisans, ensuring each cuff is a unique work of art.
  • Designed by Tabra Tunoa: Reflecting Tabra's vision, the cuff celebrates natural beauty and strength through its bold yet intricate jaguar and onyx design.
  • Exclusively Curated: Selected with discernment by Esme Hecht, this Tabra creation is featured among the treasures in Esme's Vault, offering exclusivity and authenticity to your jewelry repertoire.
  • Wearable Artistry: More than an accessory, this cuff is wearable art, poised to become a cherished heirloom and a staple in your ensemble for its versatility and timeless elegance.

Why Tabra? Tabra's pieces are emblematic of a journey through diverse cultures, expressing a legacy of ancient wisdom and storytelling through jewelry. Each design promises not only to adorn but also to empower its wearer with confidence and a sense of connection to the broader tapestry of history.

Let the Tabra Tunoa's Jaguar Onyx Cuff become your signature piece, an emblem of your untamed spirit and impeccable taste. As you carry the essence of the jungle's nobility on your wrist, remember, this is more than an accessory—it's a piece of art, a slice of heritage, and a statement of personal style.


This Bracelet Cuff is approximately 1.75" High by 2.5" Wide. Size: Medium, Inside Diameter: 2.5", Wrist: Approximately 7.25". Handmade and cast in Bali.