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Summer Fun Jewelry

Do you love everything about summer? Do all your troubles seem to wash away when you’re by the water? If you love summer as much as we do, share your passion for the season with everyone around you by wearing the hottest summer-themed jewelry! At Ritzy Couture® by Esme Hecht, the original designer of Lunch at The Ritz™ jewelry, our Summer Fun Collection is a favorite of Lunch Lovers and Ritzy Friends. As you know, we love celebrating the fun things in life, which inspires the unique jewelry designs we offer our customers exclusively at Ritzy Couture. From fun-loving suns wearing shades and verdant palm trees to summer cocktails and all the juiciest summer fruits, our jewelry pieces feature these and other designs that celebrate summer. Are you a fan of Lunch at The Ritz? Well, you’re in luck because Esme offers some of his rarest Lunch at The Ritz jewelry designs in this collection, directly from his personal vault!  

Life’s a beach, so have fun in all you do! Show off your love for summer with these charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pins/pendants. Each piece offered in this jewelry collection has been designed with love by Esme Hecht, was proudly made in the USA, and is brought to you exclusively by Ritzy Couture.

Summer Sunglass & Flip Flop Earrings For Women
Ritzy Couture Summer Sunglass & Flip Flop Beach Day Earrings (Goldtone)
Margarita Pool Party Cocktail Dangle Earrings
Ritzy Couture Margarita Pool Party Cocktail Dangle Earrings (Goldtone)
Summer Fun Flip Flop Sun Face Drop Dangle Earrings
Ritzy Couture Summer Fun Flip Flop Sun Face Drop Dangle Earrings (Goldtone)
Pansy Dangle Charm Earrings | Flower Earrings
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Ritzy Couture Pansy Dangle Yellow and Purple Earrings (Goldtone)
Out of Stock
Pool Party Cocktail Charm Earrings | Cocktail Earrings
Ritzy Couture Pool Party Cocktail Glass Multi Color Dangle Earrings (Goldtone)
Gone Bananas Charm Earrings | Banana Jewelry
Ritzy Couture Banana Bunch Bead Charm Earrings (Goldtone)
Lemon Lime Lemonade Charm Earrings | Earrings Jewelry
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Ritzy Couture Lemon Lime Lemonade Fleur-de-Lis Charm Earrings (Goldtone)
Out of Stock
Pretty Pansy Flower Button Earrings For Women
Ritzy Couture Pretty Pansy Flower Button Earrings For Women (Goldtone)
Yellow Daffodil Earrings For Women - Jewelry Earring
Ritzy Couture Yellow Daffodil & Crystal Dangle Earrings (Goldtone)
Margarita Pool Party Earrings - Cocktail Earrings Jewelry
Ritzy Couture Pave Crystal Margarita Pool Party with Fleur-de-Lis Earrings (Goldtone)
Butterfly Multi Color Charm Ring | Butterfly Ring
Ritzy Couture Butterfly Multi Color Charm Ring (Goldtone)
Lemon Lime Juicy Pendant Necklace | Necklace Jewelry | Side View
Ritzy Couture Lemon & Lime Juicy Necklace (Goldtone)


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