Chinese Takeout Collection

In the mood for Chinese? At Ritzy Couture® by Esme Hecht, the original designer of Lunch at The Ritz™ jewelry, this popular collection is sure to satisfy your craving for jewelry pieces that are as unique as you are! This jewelry collection is a favorite of Lunch Lovers and Ritzy Friends. From super fun fortune cookie earrings and chopstick earrings to our magnificent multi-charm pin/pendant featuring a vibrant teal place, teapot, Chinese takeout box, chopsticks, and a fortune cookie, our Asian-inspired jewelry line is perfect for those who want to share their obsession for Chinese takeout with their friends and family. You can pair one of our stylish and fun Chinese Takeout charm bracelets with a necklace, pendant, and any of the colorful earrings featured in this line, or wear them as separate accessories.  

Whether you’re looking for unique women's jewelry that offers simple elegance to wear to your favorite Chinese food restaurant or you simply want to accentuate a stylish outfit, our Ritzy Couture Chinese Takeout Collection is sure to have something for any occasion. Each rare and truly unique treasure featured in this collection has been designed with love by Esme Hecht and proudly made in the USA.