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Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing You Cheer and a Happy New Year!


About Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht®, from the Original Designer of Lunch at The Ritz™

Why Ritzy Couture?

Because you can’t be depressed and wear our jewelry.

Whether it started with Lunch at The Ritz or now with Ritzy Couture, people will stop you on the street, in restaurants, and on airplanes to comment on your jewelry. You will bring a smile to their faces.

Many of these strangers, women and men alike, will never have seen this jewelry before. You'll get to take credit for introducing them and feel proud of your generous free spirit and adventurous nature.

And when someone who is familiar with Ritzy Couture calls out and asks, “Is that Ritzy Couture?”, you will immediately feel an instant bond, like members of the same club of fun loving, joy seeking, artistan supporting, and uniqueness craving free spirits.

And we warn you, when you get noticed as often as you will by wearing our jewelry, you’ll create an expectation in family, co-workers and students who will ask, “And let’s see what you are wearing today?”

As a member of our Ritzy Lovers Family you won’t want to disappoint.

It is my hope that you feel like you are wearing a piece of
me because I put my heart and soul into every creation, along with lots of love because “At Ritzy Couture we REALLY Care about YOU!”

Please contact me, I'd love to hear from you. I answer the phone, reply to
all emails and as my Ritzy Family you will truly feel like they know me, because by wearing my creations, you do!

Be Well and Much Love,


Saucy . Sassy . Ritzy

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