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Lunch at The Ritz 2Go Petal Play Pink White Lily Blossom Post Earrings Goldtone

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Lunch at The Ritz Petal Play Lily Earrings

Celebrate the joys of spring year-round with the vibrant Petal Play Lily Earrings from Lunch at The Ritz 2Go, designed with the finesse of Esme Hecht. These goldtone post earrings are a symphony of color and grace, blossoming with the promise of sunny days.

  • Delicate Size: Each earring unfolds in a petite 2.0" L x .75" W dimension, perfect for a subtle yet striking effect.
  • Feather-Light: At a weight of just 6 grams, they offer all-day comfort with a delicate dangle.
  • Radiant Craftsmanship: The goldtone finish provides a warm, rich luster that illuminates the hand-painted enameling.
  • Whimsical Charm: Capturing the essence of Lunch at The Ritz 2Go, the lily design exudes playfulness and sophistication.
  • Esme's Vision: As a creation of Esme Hecht, these earrings carry the heritage and creativity of the designer who crafted stories through jewelry.

Why Lunch at The Ritz? Lunch at The Ritz is a journey into the extraordinary, where every piece of jewelry is a conversation starter. These earrings, with their blooming lilies and sparkling crystals, offer a daily dose of beauty and are a testament to the playful elegance that is the hallmark of the brand. They are a tribute to the sunny climes of Santa Monica and the creative spirit of Esme Hecht, bringing a burst of joy to any ensemble.

Adorn yourself with the spirit of endless spring with these enchanting lily earrings.

Let the Petal Play Lily Earrings from Lunch at The Ritz become the blossoming highlight of your jewelry collection.