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Why Tabra Jewelry Makes a Fabulous Valentine’s Gift for Her

Written by Anu Agrawal


Posted on February 01 2018

It can be easy to get trapped into getting your special someone the same old Valentine’s Day gifts year after year; a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a dozen roses that never last, and the dreaded perfume that she may or may not enjoy. Why not take a chance on getting her a heartfelt gift with meaning that she can enjoy for years to come? In today’s post, we’d like to look at one of our favorite Ritzy Couture collections: Tabra jewelry. If you’re getting your lovely lady Valentine’s Day jewelry this year, here are some reasons why Tabra jewelry makes a wonderful gift for her.

What Is Tabra Jewelry Anyways?

Tabra jewelry is considered “power piece jewelry,” recognized for its unique appearance and material. Tabra combines hand-made beads, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, with sacred, exotic, feminine symbols to create a stunning bohemian jewelry piece. Tabra jewelry is completely inspired by women all across the world and is created with care and precision.

Jewelry with Meaning

Each piece of Tabra jewelry in our collection features sacred symbols that hold special meanings. For instance, our sterling and bronze Lion Scarab Pendant combines the symbols of a lion to reflect strength and courage, and the scarab to represent elements of creativity and eternity.

Evokes a Sense of Nature and Balance

The use of such symbols as butterflies, the moon, and stars represent different elements of nature and the universe that can be applied to our own life cycles. For example, the butterfly, used in many of our Tabra pieces like our Sterling Butterfly Moon Turquoise Pendant, reflects the cycle of life and self-transformation, both of which apply to humans and nature.

Shop Our Tabra Collection  

Don’t just settle for any Valentine’s Day jewelry for your special lady; rather, choose a unique jewelry piece that is not only exceptionally beautiful, but which also holds deep meaning. Shop Ritzy Couture for a magnificent Valentine’s gift for your loved one.