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Cat-tastic Gifts for Cat Lovers—Part 2

Written by Esme Hecht


Posted on August 29 2017

Hello there, and welcome back to the Ritzy Couture® blog. In our recent blog post, we began a short blog series focusing on all things cats! With cat-themed everything being all the rage right now among people of all ages, we wanted to look at some purrfect cat gift ideas for your friend or family member. We realize that it is only the beginning of September, yet we also know that many of our savvy shoppers may have already started planning holiday gift ideas to get a head start on holiday shopping. Today, we’ll continue looking at some fun and fashionable kitty cat-themed gift ideas for any cat lover. Let’s get started right meow.

Cute Cat Charm Bracelet

Okay, so who doesn’t love colorful, sparkling charm bracelets and their pleasant chime sounds? The only thing that makes these jewelry pieces even better is when the charms feature adorable cats wearing princess crowns made of sparkling clear glass stones. Check out our Princess Kitty Black & Tabby multi-charm bracelet; this jewelry piece is so much fun and will match nearly any outfit and style. Charm bracelets are also great conversation starters, as fellow charm bracelet lovers are often curious about each individual charm dangling from the bracelet rings. Another fun aspect of this charm bracelet is you can add more charms to the rings, making it the perfect gift to give your best-friend, mom, daughter, or sister who adores cats.

Kitty Cat Necklace Holder

If you have a friend or loved one with a sizeable collection of necklaces—cat necklaces at that—look for a cute cat-themed necklace holder. There are many necklace holder designs and styles out there that feature a variety of cats. While a jewelry box is always a go-to gift for any jewelry lover, a wire necklace holder framed in the shape of cat is a fun way for cat lovers to display both their obsession with cats and their love for jewelry. These also allow necklaces to hang or dangle from a cat’s tail, which you have to admit is absolutely adorable. Check out our line of cat-adorned necklaces which you can gift to a friend or loved one on the necklace holder for an extra special surprise.

Cat Mugs

Does your cat-loving friend or family member enjoy sipping a hot cup of tea or an energizing cup of coffee? You’re in luck because the choices for cat-themed mugs are pretty much endless. Keep in mind the person’s individual style and try to match the cat-inspired mug to their personality when deciding on the perfect one. There are some super cute coffee mugs that feature simple cat images or some that even have funny or inspirational quotes. For those who consider their cat as more like their own child, snag a picture of their cat off of social media or have them send you a photo that you can then use to create a personalized cat mug. To jazz up the kitty mug gift, check out one of our cat rings or bracelets to give along with the mug. That way, your loved one can sip their tea or coffee in style!

Kitty Collar Tips

Now, these are fun! Most people wear some type of a collared shirt either for work, an event, or for a night out on the town. Get one of these sets for the cat lover who has a playful, creative, and unique style, as these super fun kitty collar tips fit on the ends of any collar to show the world just how much they love cats. Another gift to give along with these kitty collar tips are a pair of pretty White Kitty earrings which are great statement earrings to wear to a cocktail party or on the town for a ladies night out.

Kitty Whiskers Watch

Is your friend or loved one one of the few troopers left who still wears an actual wrist watch rather than relying on that rectangular device that makes calls and sends texts? If you answered yes, one of the cutest watches we have seen is one that features a cat’s face on the face of the watch with whiskers that function as the hands of the clock. Not only can this gift bring a little bit of joy to your loved one’s heart each time they need to know the time, it is also fun, functional, and fashionable! Why not make it a gift set by adding a cute Princess Kitty Rhinestone Tabby Cat ring?

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We hope you have enjoyed this short blog series that has explored some fun and exciting gift ideas for any cat lover. Be sure to visit our blog for more gift ideas, jewelry, fashion and style tips. Visit Ritzy Couture and peruse our expansive collection of fun, stylish, collectible jewelry created by designer Esme Hecht with love in the U.S.A. Thanks for reading our blog and we will see you again next time.