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Cat-tastic Gifts for Cat Lovers—Part 1

Written by Esme Hecht


Posted on November 01 2019

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to the Ritzy Couture® blog. Do you or a loved one absolutely adore cats? Do you simply gush at the site of an adorable cat? If you are a cat lover, or know someone who is, this is the purrfect blog post for you. Cat-themed everything is all the rage right now, which is a great thing for those who love cats. With the holidays just around the corner, we know there are many of you who want to get a jump on planning out your holiday gift ideas, which is why in today’s post, we’ll explore some wonderful cat-themed gifts for the cat-lover at heart. Please continue reading below.

Cat Necklaces

A beautiful necklace always makes a great gift for any occasion. A cat-themed necklace, however, is by far one of the best gifts to get any cat lover. A cat necklace can help some show off their playful side, while also telling everyone just how much they love cats without even having to say it! Take our Alley Cats and Fish necklace, for instance; it is fun, playful, and colorful, yet crafted in such a way that displays the artist’s precision and attention to detail. This necklace pairs well with any outfit and matches just about any style. It can be worn to a cocktail party as a conversation piece, on a more casual occasion, or as a cute necklace to enhance any work outfit.

Kitty-Face Top

These adorable cat-themed short sleeve and long sleeve tops are all the rage right now. Many of these tops come in hues of blue or green, black or white, which have a simple design across that front that feature kitty whiskers and a cute, heart-shaped nose. If you or someone you know has one of these super cute tops, a cat necklace or charm bracelet would add some pizazz to a somewhat simple top. Adding the perfect piece of cat jewelry like our Grey Tabby Alley Cat charm necklace could take kitty cat style to the next level.

Cat Ring Holder

For those who love cat-themed jewelry, look for an adorable cat ring holder. These cute ring holders are often a small, happy looking cat with its tail pointed in the air, which provides a small hook-like feature to slide your rings on, which it holds securely. One of these ring holders would pair nicely with a Ritzy Couture original—a Princess Kitty Rhinestone Multi-Color Black Tuxedo Cat ring featured in our Cats collection.  

Cat-Themed Jewelry Box

While we’re on the topic of jewelry holders, a cat-themed jewelry box makes a great gift for your cat-loving friend or family member. You’ll have a plethora of options here, as these are quite popular. Find a fun jewelry box embellished with a playful cat for a child or an elegant wooden jewelry box with an engraved cat image. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves cats and enjoys cat jewelry. You might even surprise your loved one with an added gift by placing one of our Alley Cat and Fishbone charm bracelets inside the jewelry box.

Shop Our Cats Collection

While each of these items makes an excellent gift for any cat-lover, the best gift is one made with love and care by which blends radiant colors, luminous gold or silver tones, and adorable cats. At Ritzy Couture, each and every unique jewelry piece in our Cats Collection is designed to be fun and stylish. Click here to learn more about our designer, Esme Hecht, and his philosophy for creating his gorgeous original designs. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this segment and we be sure to tune next time for part two of our series. Thanks for stopping by!