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5 Ways to Start Celebrating the Fourth of July, Part 1

Written by Anu Agrawal


Posted on June 05 2018


Welcome back, Lunch Lovers and Ritzy Friends! Independence Day will be here in no time, so why not get a jump on celebrating this patriotic holiday early? At Ritzy Couture® by Esme Hecht, the original designer of Lunch at The Ritz™ jewelry, we are thrilled to offer our unique and beautiful line of patriotic jewelry to give you the red, white, and blue flare you need to celebrate the Fourth of July in style! What’s great about our USA Collection is that it can be worn year-round so you can show off your appreciation and patriotic fervor all the time. Be sure to visit Ritzy Couture today and shop our elegant patriotic jewelry.

Because the Fourth of July is one of everyone’s favorite summer holidays, full of backyard barbecues, cold drinks, and, of course, glittering fireworks, we thought we would offer some of our favorite ways to get an early jump on celebrating this fun, patriotic holiday. Please read on to learn more!

Bake an Apple Pie

What’s more American than eating a deliciously sweet baked apple pie? If you’re used to heading to your local grocery store to get a yummy pre-made pie, find a good recipe and pick up the ingredients, instead. Try your hand at baking your very own homemade apple pie and experience the joys of baking this American favorite! Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream to go with it!

Stock Up on BBQ Goodies

If you’re hosting a Fourth of July get together, start stocking up on all the supplies you’ll need for your barbecue, including all the yummy condiments, pre-made side dishes like chips, dips, and baked beans. No Fourth of July party is complete without a selection of hot dogs, brats, and burgers, so don’t forget these barbecue staples.



Pick Up Patriotic Party Favors

Whether you’ll be hosting a Fourth of July barbecue, or you’ll be attending one at a friend’s or family member’s home, you can never go wrong with having too many party favors. Stock up on all things red, white, and blue, including plates, cups, decorative napkins, and don’t forget the noisemakers! You can even pick up some Fourth of July-themed streamers, hats, and other goodies to really liven up the party. Getting an early jump on this will save you the headache of competing against other folks at the store on the day of the celebration.

Make a Party Playlist

Music is a must for any party or barbecue, but especially for a Fourth of July party! Hop on iTunes, Spotify, or take it old school and burn a CD to create a playlist with all the classics. There’s Tom Petty’s American Girl, anything by John Cougar Mellencamp, James Brown’s Living in America, and California Girls by The Beach Boys. These are just a few classics to help you get your playlist going, but there are so many great songs to choose from. Just mix it up so you have a good blend of music genres to tickle everyone’s fancy.

Start Looking for Patriotic Attire

It’s always good to get ahead of the game when finding the best patriotic attire for your barbecue. Head to a few of your favorite shopping spots so you can put together a sweet American-themed outfit. If you want to dazzle everyone at the barbecue, shop Ritzy Couture’s USA Collection where you will find everything from American flag pins to American flag earrings adorned with sparkling red, white, and blue rhinestones and enamels. Along with the fireworks, your patriotic jewelry will awe all your friends and loved ones.

These are just a few ways to start celebrating the Fourth of July early. Be sure to tune in next time to learn even more ways to get a jump on celebrating this extra special day. Until then, thanks for reading!