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Winter Snowflake with Crystal Enhancer Charm by Ritzy Couture DeLuxe - 18k Gold Layered Brass



Winter Snowflake with Preciosa and Swarovski Crystal Enhancer Charm by Ritzy Couture DeLuxe - 18k Gold Plated Brass

Ritzy Couture DeLuxe Winter Snowflake with Crystal Enhancer Charm features a beautiful Enamel Snowflake inlaid with 24K Goldtone Brass and sparkling Swarovski Crystals.  It has a Goldtone Brass Enhancer Clasp studded with additional sparkling faceted Swarovski Crystals.  The crystals reflect the light, sometimes flashing pink, blue or yellow.  This delicate charm is suitable for any Winter or Christmas party.  Looks wonderful on necklaces and charm bracelets, adding color and interest.  Will suit any type of Necklace or Charm Bracelet. Bracelet and Necklace Chains are sold separately

Designed by Esme Hecht - Original Creator and Designer of Lunch at The Ritz.

  • 18k Gold Layered Brass casting with Removable Enhancer Clasp.
  • Preciosa and Swarovski AB Crystals. Fully 3 Dimensional. Detailed on both sides
  • Measurements: 1.0" Wide and 1.75" High
  • Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht – Original Designer of Lunch at The Ritz
  • A perfect charm for the Christmas Season
  • Bracelet and Necklace Chains are sold separately

Ritzy Couture DeLuxe is our highest end fashion jewelry line. Going back to our roots as a luxury brand, we make Ritzy Couture with the same refined materials that we used for Lunch at The Ritz for over 30 years. We start every design with Esme's obsessively detailed drawings and specifications. Next we hand carve wax models to create brass castings, hand polish and coat them with a luxurious layer of 18k Gold or Fine Silver, meticulously paint them with the finest French enamels, and top them off with a Swarovski and Preciosa Crystal icing. Think of us now as Luxe at The Ritz - Ritzy Couture has come of age! Ritzy Couture DeLuxe - Tomorrow's Vintage Today!

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