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Tabra Jewelry 925 Silver Bronze Jaguar Amazonite Connector Charm Vault CH605 - Multicolor

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Tabra Jewelry 925 Silver Bronze Jaguar Amazonite Connector Charm Vault CH605


Jaguars represent Power, Beauty, and Danger, and many believe that Jaguars are in touch with those "on the other side". The jaguar is representative of power, ferocity, and valor; she is the embodiment of aggressiveness.  For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears or to confront one’s enemies.  However, they are also associated with vision, which means both their ability to see during the night and to look into the dark parts of the human heart.   

In Egyptian Mythology, the goddess Wadjet is depicted as a cobra and is the goddess of fire and the Sun, the blazing eye of Ra that destroys the darkness. In Greek Mythology, the snake is associated with Apollo and Helios, whose rays are described as fiery serpents and whose chariots are often pulled by draconic beings. In traditional Judaic theology, the type of angels known as Seraphim is described as draconic or serpent-like with six wings and are the great angels of fire and light. 

Tabra’s charms work together with her Charm Connector Chains. These bracelet, necklace and anklet chains feature her unique charms to maximum effect.   

The charms attach to the chains easily with ‘S’ hooks mounted on the back of the charm.


Each earring is approximately 3.75" Long by 1.0” wide. Sterling Silver 925. Antiqued Bronze Jaguar Casting and Amazonite stone.