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Tabra Jewelry 925 Sterling & Bronze Jaguar Sugilite Necklace Charm Vault OOK208



Tabra Jewelry 925 Sterling & Bronze Jaguar Sugilite Necklace Charm Vault OOK208


Today, I'm offering a brand new and never worn Tabra 925 Sterling Silver and Antiqued Bronze Jaguar with Amethyst and Ruby Third Eye NEW from Esme's Vault OOK208.

As for mythology and legends, the jaguar was seen as a god in Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala, in pre-Colombian America. Jaguars represent Power, Beauty and Danger, and many believe that Jaguars are in touch with those "on the other side".

Rubies are one of the most precious stones in the entire world. They are among the most highly valued stones in modern society, alongside diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Ruby is the color of blood, which means that it is associated with both life force and death. Chinese culture considers it the luckiest color, and in the west, it’s the color of love and passion.

Tabra’s carvings comes from "Carabao". The carabao is the national animal of the Philippines - a domesticated animal - a water buffalo that is endemic in Southeast Asia.  The carabao is in no danger of becoming extinct or endangered.  Aside from  helping the farmers plow the fields, they serve as transportation, food, and provide raw material for furniture and jewelry.  

Sugilite is associated with spiritual growth. When you have the energies of sugilite in your life, you will have wisdom and genuine spiritual love.


This is approximately 3.0" Long by 1.0" wide.  Sterling Silver 925 and Antiqued Bronze, Amethyst, Ruby.

Inspired by the Women of the World and Designed by Tabra International. Made in Bali, Indonesia and available directly from me!

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