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Tabra Jewelry Basket Weaver Ear Cuff Antiqued Bronze Vault ECBR8

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Tabra Basket Weaver Ear Cuff Antiqued Bronze Vault ECBR8


Tabra's tribal ear cuffs are designed to be worn singly, and intended to give a woman a sense of empowerment and beauty.

Historical evidence suggests that baskets have existed since the beginning of human civilization. To put this into perspective, archeologists have discovered  ancient basket weavings in Egyptian pyramids, which date back to  2504 BC. That is a long time ago!

The first type of ear cuff ever recorded in history, in 2000 BC, was called a Kaffa. Examples of the original Kaffa were found in burial sites during excavations that took place in the British Isles.

Kaffa images were seen in ancient Indian art dating back to the 12th Century. These Kaffas were made using precious metals and stones and were decorated with numerous chains and pearls that clipped from the ear lobe to the nose or to the hair. 


This Ear Cuff is approximately 1.0" Long by 0.5” wide. Antiqued Bronze Handmade Casting.

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