Tabra Antiqued Bronze Sun Moon Stars Power Belt Treasure from Esme's Vault BB16



Product Description

Tabra Antiqued Hand Cast Bronze Sun Moon Stars Celestial Power Icon Belt Treasure from Esme's Vault BB16

Some believe that the moon and stars are symbolic of the curiosity of humankind when learning about the tides, time and the universe itself.   

As the source of all life and growth on Earth, the Sun is the Universal Savior and King of Heaven. It is the original "dying-and-rising god" seen in many religions. Considered by most peoples as a cosmic power, it's not surprising we see the sun emblazed upon countless artifacts and writings such as Tabra’s jewelry.

Tabra has developed an exciting new accessory for your belts, sashes and scarves, based on the coconut shells Polynesians use to fasten their sarongs. Drawing on the many design influences from her years of world travel, Tabra translates these into striking bronze versions in African, Asian, and Mezo-American, even Art Nouveau motifs.


This Belt Treasure is approximately 3.75" High by 2.5" Wide. Fits on any scarf or sash. Handmade and cast in Bali.