Tabra 925 Sterling & Bronze Sun God Cross Pendant NEW from Esme's Vault OOK117



Product Description

Tabra 925 Sterling & Bronze Sun Goddess and Cross Pendant NEW from Esme's Vault OOK117

Here Tabra combines the Strength with the Eternal: the perfect balance of symbols for Nature and Spirituality.

While we are all aware of the meaning of the cross in Christianity, speculation has associated the cross symbol - even in the prehistoric period - with astronomical or cosmological symbology involving "four elements" as well as North, East, South, and West.

As the source of all life and growth on Earth, the Sun is the Universal Savior and King of Heaven. It is the original "dying-and-rising god" seen in many religions. Considered by most peoples as a cosmic power, it's not surprising we see the sun emblazed upon countless artifacts and writings such as Tabra’s jewelry.

All Tabra's pendants have a bale on them and can be worn on any cord or chain (sold separately).


This pendant is approximately 2.5" Long by 1.5" wide. Sterling Silver 925 and Cast Antiqued Bronze and Amazonite Nugget.

Inspired by the Women of the World and Designed by Tabra International. Made in Bali, Indonesia and available directly from me!