Tabra 925 Silver & Bronze Moon Flowers Connector Charm NEW in Esme's Vault CH608



Product Description

Tabra Sterling Silver 925 and Antiqued Bronze Full Moon face with Cast Morning Glory Motif and Pearshape Chalcedony Connector Charm CH608 

The star-shaped morning glory is symbolic of a single day each year in which the Chinese lovers, Chien Niu and Chih Neu, are allowed to meet. According to Chinese lore, Chien Niu was a boy star who was entrusted the care of water buffalo in the heavenly kingdom. A girl star named Chih Neu was put in charge of seamstress duties. They fell in love, and the romance caused them to neglect their duties. In anger, God forced the young lovers to be separated on both sides of the Silver River and allowed then to meet only once during the whole year.

Tabra’s charms work together with her Charm Connector Chains. These bracelet, necklace and anklet chains feature her unique charms to maximum effect.   

The charms attach to the chains easily with ‘S’ hooks mounted on the back of the charm.


Each earring is approximately 3.5" Long by 1.0” wide. 925 Sterling Silver and Antiqued Bronze. Chalcedony Pearshape drop.