Lunch At The Ritz Swarovski White Opal Post Earrings RARE from Esme's Vault


SKU: LR0139-PE

Product Description

Hello Lunch Lovers and Ritzy Friends!   

Today, I'm offering a brand new and never worn Lunch at the Ritz Swarovski White Opal 24k Antique Goldtone Chandelier Dangle Post Earrings. 

Ok, so these are fabulous and over the top.  If you search, the matching pin may still be available. These are among my favorites.  I wish I didn't have to sell them. For when you are in the mood for the drama, but not the theme.  From one of our Lunch at The Ritz Collections. 


These earrings are approximately 3.0" Long by .75” Wide.  24k Antique Goldtone finish. Designed with love. Made in the USA and available directly from me!

Made in the USA. 

Much love,




Original Creator and Designer of

Lunch at The Ritz™