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Lunch at The Ritz Gemini Twins Zodiac Astrology Post Earrings – 22k Gold Plated

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Lunch at The Ritz™ Gemini Twins Zodiac Astrology Post  Earrings – 22k Gold Plated

Discover the cosmic allure of the Lunch at The Ritz™ Gemini Zodiac Earrings, meticulously crafted for those born under the stars of Gemini. These 22k gold plated post earrings are a testament to individuality, offering a unique blend of astrological symbolism and chic style.

  • Unique Gemini Motif: Adorn your ears with the essence of Gemini through these playful and detailed twin figures, set against a sparkling gold backdrop.
  • Dimensional Beauty: With measurements of 2"L by 1.25"W, these earrings make a statement while maintaining an elegant profile on any earlobe.
  • Featherlight Elegance: Each earring weighs a mere 8 grams, offering a comfortable, yet luxurious wearing experience.
  • 22k Gold Radiance: The rich gold plating not only adds a touch of opulence but also ensures a lasting gleam that captures the light with every movement.
  • Esme Hecht's Craftsmanship: Reflecting the American design heritage, these earrings showcase the signature hand-enameled artistry that Esme Hecht is renowned for.

Why Lunch at The Ritz™? Lunch at The Ritz™, co-founded by Esme Hecht – the original designer of Ritzy Couture – is a brand that stands at the intersection of luxury and whimsy. These Gemini Zodiac Earrings are a celebration of the brand’s enduring legacy, offering both the novelty of design and the seriousness of fine craftsmanship. They are not just accessories; they are keepsakes that embody the spirit of those who wear them.

Step out in style with the confidence of the stars guiding you. The Lunch at The Ritz™ Gemini Zodiac Earrings are more than just jewelry; they are a personal emblem of your astrological sign.