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Tabra Rings

Tabra Rings

Tabra Rings - Beautiful Rings for Women

Tabra is a designer who makes beautiful intricate jewelry that combines precious stones with handicrafts ice hand-made beads. She enjoys incorporating talismans, motifs, tribal pendants into her rings for women, giving an air of mystery to her art. Tabra rings are widely known for being steeped in symbolism and rich in exotic materials, and she has many customers who find her artistic creations incredibly inspiring and unique. The rings are filled with beautiful, semi-precious stones, such as jade, amethyst and rubies, and crafted with care to make statement jewelry that is breath-taking to look at, and has powerful spiritual energy.

Rings for Women

Those spiritually inclined ladies who gravitate towards mysticism need only look at Tabra rings once to know this is the perfect fit for them. The incredible sophistication and intricate designs of the jewelry make these perfect rings for women who want to wear something that is unique ad showcases the intriguing aspects of their personalities. Those who want a more budget friendly option have the perfect ideal situation, as Tabra rings are offered at low prices with amazing deals an discounted offers, thereby ensuring that even those who don’t want to overburden their wallets can easy purchase some of Tabra’s amazing designs.

Beautiful Rings for Girls

Tabra has a stunning collection of antique jewel, containing beautiful charms, bracelets and silver rings that are deeply immersed in spirituality and symbolism. These rings for girls are both strikingly beautiful and delicately designed, and make thousands of women with powerful attributes, bringing out their inner beauty and celebrating the power that lies inside of them. Many women are appreciative of these designs as they use stones like Jade and Turquoise which bring peace and tranquility to the home, and are well known symbols of wisdom and inner beauty. There are also various animals engraved onto the sides, such as the jaguar, which was known and worshipped as a spiritual deity in prehistoric times, ensuring that the rings are full of deep-rooted symbols that make the wearer celebrate their true selves.

Unique Rings with Semi Precious Stones

There are countless incredible pieces of jewelry available at Ritzy couture, and most of them incorporate lots of important stones that are rare and contain powerful symbolic references to ancient times. These sparkling rocks not only adorn the fingers of those who choose to wear them, but also celebrate their uniqueness and showcase their inner beauty. Tabra’s rings are truly spectacular pieces of art, hat are incredibly beautiful to behold, making all those who purchase them look sophisticated as el as deeply intelligent. They contain references to attributes such as power, love, beauty and wisdom, and come in various different colors, such a deep bright reds and calming bleus that look similar to the bright colors of an ocean sunset.

Charm Ring


This breath-taking and stunningly beautiful piece of art is designed by none other than Tabra, and is truly an incredible accessory to own. Those interested in buying a charm ring that is full of color and sparkles with symbolic energy need look no further, as this ring contains deep red, white and peridot crystals, giving it a gorgeous finish and making it rich in mysticism and magical liveliness. This Tabra ring contains enamels that are bright green and white in color, as well as flakes of glitter that make it gimmer under the sunlight like a sparkling crystal. Besides that, the band is goldtone and also three dimensional in nature, containing designs on all sides.

Tabra Rings


This is one of those unique rings in the Tabra collection that is is not only tremendously well-designed, but is also full of spiritual attributes, which make it very popular with female customers who are interested in mystical energy. The various stones and materials used din this sterling bronze charm ring all have a special meaning and are full of symbolism. Jade is a precious stone which is well known for increasing wisdom and please in one who wears it, helping to give them a greater depth of understanding in the world around them and bring them serenity and content. The jaguar is another powerful element incorporated in this pieces of jewelry and it shows the attributes of beauty, danger and power, meaning that those who wear items with this animal imprinted on it are have a greater insight into the world around them. Toroid is also a key element, as it represents friendship and brings domestic tranquility, as the stone takes on the characteristics of its owners.


This charm ring is one of the most prized pieces into the collection, as it is sterling silver and contains an extremely powerful stone: the amethyst. In ancient times, spiritual healers and guides used to wield this stone in order to focus their energies and provide their followers with insight into the world around them. This marvelous and breathtakingly gorgeous piece of jewelry was made in Bali by a truly gifted designer who has a deep understanding of ancient symbols and mystical energy. The amethyst used in this ring is set in a stunning silver, which is faceted to make it appear more delicate and detailed, giving it a distinctive appearance and showing off Tabra’s unique sense of stylistic design.

Silver Rings


These beautiful and unique rings are part of Tabra’s collection and are a testament to her incredible eye for design. They are sought after by most customers, and are well received in the fashion industry as they combine the energies of the skies and seas. The turquoise stone has many streaks of soft white patterned across its surface, and these stunning silver rings conjure an image of soft streaks of sunlight splaying over the ocean surface. Larimer is undoubtedly Tabra’s masterpiece, as the jewel is both incredibly rich in spiritual energy.
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