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Christmas Brooch/Pendants

Christmas Brooch Pendants

The holidays are upon us and the numerous parties and festivities that they bring means that it’s time for you to up your style game. With Christmas right around the corner, the pressure is on to look your absolute best. Christmas is a time for celebration when you get to dress up, go out and have the time of your life. With so many events to attend, each requiring a different dress code, choosing Christmas party outfits that make you look stylish and glamorous has never been more exciting. Dressing for Christmas parties can be tricky at best, even for people blessed with a good sense of style. Whether it’s office drinks, a formal event or something a lot more casual, finding the right balance of glamour and comfort is a well-honed skill. For those of us who want to stand out and express our Christmas spirit at the same time, what are the options? As the festive season approaches, it’s time to opt for fresh, new party dressing solutions. Make heads turn this Christmas by complementing your outfits with Ritzy Couture’s wide range of Christmas jewelry including Christmas brooches and pins, pendants for women, pendants for girls and much more!

Nothing is more synonymous with Christmas than the evergreen Christmas fir tree. The fresh pine smell is inextricably linked to the holidays and the exhilarating feel of the outdoors and immediately transports one to simpler times. Decorating one has to be one of the most beloved Christmas traditions. This Christmas, wear your festive spirit on your sleeves with Ritzy Couture Christmas tree Ornament Charm Brooch Pin/Pendant. This beautiful Christmas brooch includes a gold-toned Christmas tree with a beautiful star on top adorned with decorative crystals. Numerous baubles and ornaments like a candy cane and a gift box decorate the bright green enameled Christmas tree and the vivid and vivacious colors make this brooch a great addition to any outfit making you look bold yet sophisticated. The red enameled Christmas tree balls inlaid with gold filigree add a touch of delicacy to it. Hanging from the bottom of the Christmas tree is a number of faceted red and green stones – adding festive flair and fun movement to this holiday-inspired accessory. A brooch is an accessory a lot of us tend to write off as outdated and irrelevant when in fact it can be a very fun, hip and versatile accessory. It can be placed strategically anywhere on your outfit to give it a little bit of personality and let your individuality shine through. This Christmas, add the ultimate magic touch to your outfits with our Christmas brooches and pins that are sure to help you stand out and make an impression. Pin it on a chic piece of clothing for something a little more casual, on the lapel of an evening dress or high up on an elegant and fancy shawl.

Not only this, but this Christmas brooch also doubles as a charm pendant and can be worn around your neck, making it a highly versatile accessory and a great investment! It’s a brooch and pendant all in one! What more could a girl want? Wear something simple and let your statement charm pendant do the talking for you!

We know you love Christmas and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than with our amazing collection of Christmas brooches and pins that also double as pendants for women? Add a little hint of glitter and glam to your outfit with Ritzy Couture ‘Twas the night Christmas Charm brooch pin/pendant. The top of this fun and funky accessory features a lovely, gold-toned poinsettia flower decorated with bright red and green enamel and yellow and red rhinestones. The poinsettia flower is also known as the flower of the holy night and the shape of its leaves and petals symbolizes the star that led the three wise men to Jesus Christ. The bright red color of the flower signifies the blood of Jesus while the white color signifies his purity and innocence. At the bottom, this Christmas brooch is embellished with a collection of Christmas charms like the turtle dove and jingle bells thus perfectly capturing the essence of Christmas. The red and green rhinestones and snow shaped crystals make it suitable for any Christmas occasion. This delightful piece of Christmas jewelry would look really lovely on a winter coat or on that little black dress you have been itching to wear! In addition to our collection of elegant pendants for women, our brooches double as pendants as well giving you yet another way to get into the holiday spirit! This brooch and pendant is sure to be the perfect addition to the jewelry box. The elaborate and unique design of the Christmas brooches and pins at Ritzy Couture will definitely help you make an impression and start a conversation at any event you attend! Not only that but these exquisitely designed pieces also make for an amazing Christmas present for your loved ones who hold a soft spot for Christmas in their hearts. Get into the spirit of giving and make your loved ones feel special by gifting them this beautiful brooch and pendant and help them shine on this auspicious occasion!

Ritzy Couture’s collection of Christmas brooches and pins is highly versatile and the styling possibilities are endless! Add your Christmas brooch to a coat or blazer or even a denim jacket for a chic, casual look! Dress up your look and get into the Christmas spirit by adding it to the side of a beret and combining comfort and glamour. Add a touch of jazz to any old evening purse or put it around your neckline to add flair and personality to your outfit. Style them however you want to according to your personal sense of fashion and look at the top of your game this festive season!

This Christmas put your best foot forward in Ritzy couture exclusive collection of Christmas brooches and pin, pendants for girls and women. If a funky and hip holiday accessory is what you need, Ritzy Couture is the place to be! Grab your favorite pieces before they run out and that too at amazing, affordable prices!
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