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Lunch At The Ritz Charms

Lunch At The Ritz Charms

Ritzy couture is a California based company for fashion costume jewelry and our jewelry is meant to spread smiles and create a conversation piece, and express true testimony to your individuality. We focus on creating a classy, fashionable and lovely vibe with our pieces which are made with dedication and love. We put extra effort into making every item unique from others. The lunch at the Ritz collection which is not only name of a collection but a collection of pieces made with love.

Firstly let me take you through the lunch at the Ritz charms items, this astonishing collection includes a variety of products like charm bracelets, charm necklace, charm ring, various other items o charm jewelry and earring charms.

Starting with the lunch at the Ritz charm bracelet, we provide you with diverse range of the designs, covering many aspects. Like if you are a traveler or just love travelling we have a special piece personalized for your taste it goes with the name ‘world around us’. If you are a pet lover, patriotic American, Christmas lover, pool party enthusiast, flower lover, Halloween lover, or a foodie, we have it all. We have a large variety of such customized and personalized charm bracelets. And one of the most amazing one has heart shapes made all around it. So if you are looking for a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your significant other your problem is solved. It would make a perfect gift.

Now let’s talk a little about our lunch at the Ritz charm necklace, we at ritzy couture have a bunch of different designs, ranging over a variety of styles and topics. We have got it all. A special ca necklace, traveler’s necklace, cocktail necklace, flowers necklace, palm tree necklace, daffodil necklace, monkey necklace, various colors of enamel necklaces, pyramid necklace, dinosaurs necklace, Tabra charm jewelry and many other such necklaces are available at ritzy couture. I would specially like o mention our most unique necklace royal maharaja elephant dangle necklace. It is a symbolic of royal times when elephants were main source of traveling and fighting. It is a true embodiment of our culture and history. Such kind of necklaces make perfect gifts for female.

Lunch at the Ritz charm rings need a special mention here, with their unique design these rings are special in every aspect. These rings cover various aspects and designs. Angel wings, roses, flowers, Christmas tree, hearts, multicolor cats, tabra charm and winter wonder land snowflake ring are our top rings. Other than these we have a special unique and delicate piece for you it is two rings white enamel set. Our rings are available is every size to best fit your finger. They go with every color complexion to fit your ethnicity. We make our rings with delicacy to enhance beauty of your fingers.

Let me take you to our last but not least piece of jewelry that is lunch at the Ritz earring charms. Our earrings like our other pieces are extremely unique and delicate. We cover a large pool of designs in this range from globe trotter to foodie, from party lover to patriotic, from shopping enthusiast to home manager, from Pina colada lover to margarita lover, from birds lover to animal lover, from Halloween lover to Christmas enthusiast, we have got it all covered. I would like to especially mention here our one of the newest and coolest trend that is one earring in an other shape and the other one in another. Yeah you read it perfectly right. Let me give you an example. If you love shopping for both bags and shoes, why not combine it into a fashion and make one earring in the shape of bag and other in shoes. Similarly one pair is of lemon and lime combination, one is shoes and glasses and one is martini and shaker. Last but not the least we have very pretty pairs of snowflake earring to go perfectly with you lunch at the Ritz charm rings snowflake. We include a pair of heart earrings to gift your significant other.

Our lunch with the Ritz charm jewelry is super cool and chick. It is for all age groups, all ethnicities, and all sizes. We give you the comfort of choosing according to your style and size. We also encourage new and unique designs. In addition we really appreciate creativity and all our designs are well thought of and creative unlike typical and available everywhere designs.

Our guaranteed uniqueness is our best feature. Along with that, we also promise you quality products. We can assure you our charm jewelry is worth every penny you spend on it. Besides being relatively cheaper than other brands we do not compromise on our quality. We promise our customers our lunch at the Ritz collection won’t change its original colors even if you wear it after years. It will always stay the way it was the first day you bought it. So if you ask me to conclude in one line I would simply say our uniqueness, prices and quality differentiates us from other local and international brands.

I would also like to mention our special sale going on for our ladies. We understand how difficult it is to maintain a fashionable look in this time. With all the other expenses going on in our lives, we often find no money to look the way we want to or simply to pursue our dream of buying certain things especially accessories like jewelry. But worry not my ladies we give you an extra twenty percent discount to our already cheap lunch at the Ritz charm jewelry and we make sure it is not hard for you to get what you want to.

Guys let me conclude by mentioning a little about our website design which is simple and easy. We also assist our customers in every possible way. To facilitate you we have an online 24/7 customer service to resolve your issues. We value our customers’ privacy. Please share your valuable suggestions and concerns with us via email or any social media account. You will find the link on our website. Never hesitate to give suggestions to our highly responsible customer care team which is one click away. So folks what are you waiting for, go order your lunch at the Ritz charm bracelets, charm necklaces, charm rings and earring charms right away at ritzy couture.
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