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Turquoise Jewelry and it’s significance

Ah Turquoise, one of the most magnificent stones in the world. Turquoise is the national gem of Tibet and carries with itself a rich history. ...Due to its unique complexion and hue turquoise has been used to craft many unique and beautiful pieces of turquoise jewelry over the years. Even the Ancient Egyptians embellished themselves in this specific jewelry as a symbol of beauty and royalty. In the Egyptian culture turquoise was a symbol of warmth and motherhood. It was speculated that a simple touch to a turquoise piece could connect a person with the planet’s energy. Turquoise jewelry is said to carry with itself the ability to energize our spirits. Throughout history, this stone has been praised for it’s properties of healing and the feeling of peace and content it creates among a person’s aura.

The color turquoise connects with a person and calms their soul. Perhaps it represents the calming sights and sensations in life such as the clear skies, the beautiful oceans with their elegant waves dancing at the shore. Any item which reminds a person of such visuals will obviously have an alluring vibe and give out a peaceful ambiance.

Turquoise jewelry at Ritzy couture

We famous for our distinctive as well as diverse variety of jewelry. Here we have quite a collection of beautiful Tabra jewelry. This jewelry is one of a kind as it contains many beautiful precious stone pieces including the captivating turquoise stone. Be it Turquoise rings, turquoise earrings, turquoise pendants, turquoise bracelets or even turquoise necklaces. We can meet all your turquoise needs when it comes to turquoise jewelry.

Want a reminder of the tropical seas and clear blue skies to soothe those nerves? Browse through some of the most beautiful jewelry of the turquoise kind on our website. Our Tabra collection is so antique and one of a kind it will remind you of vacations in Ibiza and will uplift your soul. Just the sight of these jewelry items will whisk you away for a tropical vacation filled with calming vibes. You can definitely count on turquoise jewelry to uplift your mood and leave you feeling relaxed as well as trendy.

If you’re a person who’s a hippy at heart with a knack for trendy jewelry, look no further. The Ritzy couture Tabra jewelry collection featuring many such jewelry pieces is the variety of jewelry for you. It’s a color you can’t look away from. This stunning array of jewelry will transform your spirits and take them to a whole other level. That’s the kind of charm we promote as a brand.

Turquoise rings

Feeling creative? Look no further. There is an amazing collection of turquoise rings here that will pull out that inner creative self of yours and leave you feeling innovative and in the mood for some fun. Try the “925 Sterling Bronze Jaguar Turquoise Ring Vault”, this ring is a classic symbol of beauty and power due to the beautifully made jaguar on the front that just adds to the elegance of the turquoise bead adorned on this ring.

Ritzy Couture Turquoise earrings Tabra collection

Turquoise jewelry makes for an ideal summertime adornment. It is the kind of light and easy color that is more than perfect for all your summer outfits. There is a beautiful collection of mesmerizing turquoise earrings that are a fool proof accessory for those summer attires in your mind. One of our best sellers is the “925 Silver Bronze Turquoise Bead Post Earrings Vault”. These turquoise earrings are guaranteed to give you that trendy yet classy look and will most definitely be suitable for all your cute outfits.

Turquoise necklaces

Turquoise necklaces are some of the most elegant pieces of jewelry you can get out there. This unique stone is eye catching but not at all gaudy and can be used with a casual as well as a classy formal ensemble. It’s versatility in use is one of it’s most favorable qualities. We have an amazing bunch of charismatic turquoise necklaces here. Take the “Sterling Bronze Jaguar Moon Coral Vault” necklace for instance, it is beautifully constructed consisting of an array of exciting trendy colors along with turquoise all the while keeping up with the powerful vibe of the jaguar symbol. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

Turquoise pendants and turquoise bracelets

Some may argue that jewelry is incomplete without a splash of the beauty that is turquoise embedded in it. That is the significance this stone and this color carries in the eyes of some people. At Ritzy couture we have some of the most vibrant turquoise pendants and the most alluring turquoise bracelets a woman can dream of. This turquoise jewelry for women is a treat to look at and to wear as well. Check out one of our most famous “Tabra Pendant 925 Silver and Antique Bronze Onyx Turquoise Vault” for a charming gift for someone special or for an addition to your own stunning jewelry collection. Looking for a turquoise bracelet? Have no worries, we pride ourselves on our diversity in the variety in all fields of fashion jewelry, even turquoise jewelry. Have a look at the amazing and one of a kind Tabra bracelet collection. We have some of the most graceful yet gorgeous pieces of turquoise jewelry perfect enough to make your day and complete your charming ensemble.

If you wish to have trendy jewelry in your collection which is fit for any occasion, turquoise jewelry is the way to go for you. Nobody can have too much turquoise in their jewelry box am I right? There’s just something all too alluring about the color, somehow nobody can seem to get enough and it will never get old.

Visit our collection for some of the most amazing articles of Turquoise jewelry that will leave you staring in awe.

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