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Tabra Belt Buckles

Are you a crafty gal who loves creating unique fashion accessories that match your individual style? Tabra belt buckles for women make the perfect addition to any belt, scarf, or sash for a cultured look. The Tabra jewelry line made accessible through Ritzy Couture by Esme Hecht gives you access to some of the most visually-stunning belt accessories. Tabra has developed an exciting new accessory for your belts, sashes, and scarves, based on the coconut shells Polynesians use to fasten their sarongs.These accessories can be used to create a beautiful and unique women's concho belt to go around the waist or on a boho hat. Each belt buckle is one-of-a-kind and features hand-cast bronze celestial designs that represent the strength and beauty of women throughout the world. Order your Tabra jewelry belt buckle to create a truly unique and breathtaking accessory to enhance any chic outfit for work or play. Each Tabra design is as gorgeous and unique as you are.


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