Welcome to the Ritzy Couture Blog

Hello, and welcome to our blog! We will be using this space to provide you with information about our unique, higher end jewelry creations, helpful tips, and more. At Ritzy Couture® by Esme Hecht, we are thrilled to design and create unique jewelry that allows our clients to express their unique style based on the things they love most. In today’s blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of our most popular jewelry collections featuring such themes as cats, our Girl Power line, and a plethora of fun and flirty earrings. Please continue reading below.

A Little Bit About Us

Our amazingly talented designer, Esme Hecht, is passionate about his unique jewelry creations, and stands by his motto that “Life is hard enough, let’s not be too serious with our fashion.” Esme is enthusiastic about creating fun, fashionable jewelry that is original in every sense of the word. His thematic, colorful, oversized jewelry pieces offer something that everyone will love, which also pair nicely with an array of chic outfits and diverse styles. Esme, the original designer of Lunch at The Ritz, has collaborated with key fashion icons, including Kenneth Jay Lane, and has designed jewelry for Oscar de la Renta. He has created gorgeous designs for Cher, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Hillary Clinton, and more. As we mentioned, his handcrafted jewelry designs offer something for everyone.

Our Thematic Jewelry Collection

Ritzy Couture is created to reflect your fun, unique style, offering a way for you to express your individuality, while showing others the things you enjoy most in this world. Whether you want to show how much you love cats, want to display your love for shopping and fashion, or simply want to convey your patriotism, our expressive jewelry pieces are designed to make you and others smile. Each memorable creation is original, oversized, and double-sided as a full jewelry piece. Our handcrafted designs feature gorgeous, vibrant colors which are set with crystal, and adorned with semi-precious stones, hand-made beads, rhinestones, and other stunning materials. We offer earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and pendants, charms, rings, and Tabra jewelry designs which feature sterling silver, gold, bronze, silvertone, goldtone, and more. All of our designs are created by hand in the U.S., with the exception of our internationally-inspired Tabra collection created in Bali, Indonesia, but made available through Ritzy Couture. We’re certain that once you see our see our spectacular designs, you’ll want to add several Ritz Couture pieces to your collection.

Our Most Popular Jewelry Collections

At Ritzy Couture, we offer unique jewelry designs for all styles and tastes so our customers can add the perfect piece of jewelry to match any outfit, for any occasion, while making an impact on others around them. Some of our most popular collections include:

  • Girl Power: This fun collection focuses on all things ladies. For those who love shoes, shopping, makeup, and martinis, this is the collection for you. Our Girl Power line features earrings, bracelets, rings, and more, making it the perfect mix and match collection.
  • Cats: Our Cats line is purrfect for the cat-lover at heart. This fun collection features different breeds of cats in various settings with a variety of embellishments. For instance, our Princess Cat designs feature cats wearing rhinestone crowns, while our multi-charm bracelets and necklaces include gorgeous clear glass stones.
  • Chinese Takeout: As one of our most unique collections, these bold creations feature Asian-inspired designs, colors, and themes which include fortune cookies, teal dishware, and chopsticks. Our charming Chinese Takeout creations are sure to make an impression and strike up a conversation.

While these collections are just the tip of the iceberg, we have a tremendous selection of fun and flirty handcrafted jewelry which will surely have something everyone will enjoy. Whether you wear our designs individually, in a set, or mix and match, we’re sure our creations will bring you as much joy wearing them as we feel when creating them.       

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At Ritzy Couture, our goal is to create stunning, yet fun, handcrafted, high-end jewelry that allows you to express your individuality while making an impression on others. We hope you’ve had fun learning a little more about who we are and where our passion lies. For our new customers, keep in mind that you can save 25 percent on your first order and that we offer free shipping on all orders. Shop happy at Ritzy Couture!